Residential  Cleaning
Our residential prices are based on each room, piece of furniture & number of pleats of drapes. We do not take into consideration room size, unless you have a combination room or your room is far beyond average size. Most estimates are accurately provided over the phone. We will discount rooms where we clean traffic areas only or that are empty. Minimum Charges also apply.
         Carpet Cleaning            Furniture Cleaning
First Room                          $ 70.00                               Sofa              $ 60.00
Additional Rooms               $ 35.00 Each                       Loveseat       $ 40.00
Bathrooms                          $10.00  Each                       Chair              $ 20.00
Hallways                             $ 10.00 Each                       Ottoman         $ 10.00
Stairs Std (10-13) steps     $ 20.00                                Sectional        $ 80.00
Odor Decontamination       $ 20.00 per room                 Deodorize      $ 5.00 each seat
Ultra-Guard Protection       $ 20.00 per room                 Ultra-Guard   $ 5.00 eachSeat
                              Onsite Drapery Cleaning    $ .50 to 1.00 Per pleat
                               Oriental Rugs and area carpets call for estimate.
                          Note: Prices may very depending on location and conditions.
                Commercial Cleaning
All commercial carpet cleaning must have an onsite estimate. Prices vary by type of business, time, date and frequency of cleaning. We will try very hard to work within your budget.
      We are are very confident that our quality of service combined with price will surpass any competitor.