Over half of carpet sold is nylon. It is preferred because of its excellent resilience (the ability of a fiber to “spring back” to its original configuration), nylon is abrasion resistance, mildew resistance, and has very good color retention. It can be acid dyed or solution dyed. Solution dye is best because dyes are added when nylon is in its molten state. Solution dyed nylon tends not to fade and is resistant to color loss if a little bleach happens to splatter on it.        

     Polyester carpet is no longer gaining a large   market share. Polyster is not made from continuous filament yarns and tends to shed. Like olefin, it has poor resilience and tends to readily attract oily stains. Polyster will also degrade from prolonged exposure to sunlight. It sometimes is made from recycled plastic soda bottles, thus making for a lower price than nylon.

When Buying a carpet, 100% Nylon is our recommendation